Introducing the 2020 Drug Trend Report  

Delivering Another Industry-Leading PMPM Trend in 2020!

In an industry faced with price inflation and increased specialty drug utilization, we understand that managing pharmacy benefit costs can be a challenge. That’s why we work hard to make prescriptions more affordable for you and your members. 

We're proud to report that, in 2020, we achieved an industry-leading per member per month (PMPM) of $85.14 across our commercial book of business, which is 12% lower than the forecasted industry average of $96.56 PMPM. In addition, we’ve successfully provided clients with a cumulative savings of $61.44 PMPM over the last five years, demonstrating our ability to reduce costs over the life of the contract and beyond. Cover Thumbnail_DTR_2020

Report highlights include:

  • 32% of clients experienced a negative trend compared to 2019
  • Clients new to Navitus in 2019 saved an average of 18%* in drug cost

To find out more about the innovative, cost-reducing strategies that allowed us to deliver these results, download our full 2020 Drug Trend Report now!

*2020 Navitus Data Analysis (Includes clients who provided historical data.)