How KREC saw double-digit savings in just one year!

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With a member population that includes retirees on the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, KREC wanted to take control of its costs for both the plan and its members by eliminating ancillary expenses that didn’t benefit members. The plan also wanted to tailor its pharmacy benefits to better serve its retiree population and to improve member health.

To accomplish this, KREC reevaluated its traditional pharmacy
benefit manager (PBM) and decided to seek a fully-transparent
PBM that could develop solutions customized to its population
and enable greater cost management.

The collaboration between KREC and Navitus yielded impressive results, including $1.3 million in first-year savings, a 29% reduction compared to the previous year.

How did they do it?
Navitus’ unique pass-through PBM model has proven successful in providing full transparency, delivering the lowest net cost and combating waste.

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