How to achieve a waste-free formulary to lower your drug costs

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Formularies can often include drugs that have little to no clinical value and drive up costs. These are referred to as wasteful or low-value drugs. Some PBMs include them and some don’t. Why? Some PBMs may have a financial incentive to favor drugs that earn spread revenue.

If your formulary contains wasteful or low-value drugs, you may be spending more than you should. To learn how to combat wasteful drugs, check out our E-book.

E-book topics:

  • What are wasteful drugs?
  • Why are they included on formularies?
  • How to create a waste-free formulary
  • How to lower costs, starting with your PBM contract and business model

Removing wasteful drugs goes beyond ‘first-year’ or a ‘one-time’ savings. When you switch to a waste-free formulary, you’ll benefit year after year from lower costs, helping you keep drug trend low over time.

Download our e-book to learn more about wasteful drugs and how you can start saving now.

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