Episode 1: Understanding the Players Involved
in the Pharmacy Benefit Selection Process

In our first podcast, you’ll get to know the top two players involved in pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) selection: plan sponsors and plan advisors.

During the session, we’ll share a view of how a PBM approaches the marketplace. Of course, the prospective customer is the focus, right? Yes. But, when it comes to the decision of selecting a new PBM partner to help manage one of the highest cost segments of employee benefits, it’s not that simple. In fact, it’s very complex.


Special Guest:
Gary Hattendorf
Western Region Sales Vice President
Navitus Health Solutions

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Topics include: 

  • What and who are customers of PBM services?
  • What do plan sponsors pay for?
  • What and who are plan advisors?
  • How are plan advisors paid?
  • What is important to plan sponsors and advisors when it comes to PBM selection

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