Episode 2: Creating a Win-Win for Consultants and Plan Sponsors

In this episode, you will gain an understanding of how consultants can embrace pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) based on their business models, and make this a primary focus to help them achieve their objectives. Consultants can improve their standing within the industry. And plan sponsors can align with consultants that understand the most important considerations, and differences of the PBMs being considered, and ultimately selected.

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Specials Guests:
Byron Mickle
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Navitus Health Solutions

Brian Yogerst

Director, Financial Sales Support
Navitus Health Solutions



Moderated By:
Gary Hattendorf
Regional Vice President, Sales
Navitus Health Solutions

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Topics include: 

  • PBM Assesment Challenges
  • Most Important Evaluation Considerations
  • PBM Business Models Overview

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