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Fact or Myth: The Truth Behind a Lowest-Net-Cost Approach

Tired of efforts to lower pharmacy costs that have little impact on your bottom line? Frustrated that the industry always seems to find ways to add cost without adding value?

Faced with economic pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, prescription affordability and pharmacy benefit spend is under the microscope, compelling plan sponsors to find better ways to manage costs while preserving quality care for members. Choosing the right drugs for a formulary can be a significant cost savings opportunity for plan sponsors. By taking a closer look at a few key plan components, you can gain a better understanding of your pharmacy benefit and determine fact from myth when it comes to achieving a lowest-net-cost formulary.

Watch the webinar to learn:
  • What a lowest-net-cost formulary really looks like, including examples and scenarios for different plan designs
  • How a PBM’s business model can influence formulary decisions
  • The facts behind rebates and discounts, and what the most important metric to look for is when evaluating a PBM
  • Strategies that target reducing costs and improving member health

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